Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Pix

I attacked James' cell phone this afternoon and here's some pulitzer prize winning pix courtesy of the fine folks of Blackberry and Verizon:) Enjoy the red eye...:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Martha, there's a storm a brewin'

Today it was 80 degrees and as I watched our empty box of Corona Light get pushed by gale force winds down our street (and was appalled and devilishly grinning at what our ever ultra conservative neighbors might think), I hear my handsome hubby shout out "Martha, there's a storm a brewin'!". I'm not Martha, but this is a generational phrase that started on the plains of Oklahoma when our little family of 5 made up the entire population and as I watched the tumbleweeds blow by and heard the cows mooing, my dad's booming voice would yell to anyone listening, "Martha, there's a storm a brewin'".

So as I type at 4am during another night of restless sleep, I know that this is more than a metaphor. I feel change on the horizon. I am walking through changes with the girls as they are developing and growing. I looked at #2 today and her once too long pants are now highwaters and I can't believe how much she looks like her dad. I had the first of many "talks" with #1 last weekend, talk about a storm a brewin'. Thank goodness for the American Girl books that act as a guideline when I begin to stammer.

We survived our month of IEP's. Two, 3 hour sessions and I did not come out unscathed. I am jaded to the system and don't understand the agenda of schools and the laws in place to service these kids. I can't change the world, but I can empower my children and that is one thing I am holding on to. I hope she will know I fought for her when they said no and that paid off to the point that we are where we are today. Mediocre is not an option and I definitely think that when they say Free and Appropriate Public Education, they should substitute Appropriate with Mediocre. I looked at the principal and told him several times that I am raising EXCEPTIONAL children and am looking for partnership in doing so. I am not saying I am the Hitler of homework or some fascist ruler at home. I am saying that I want my kids to know their inner power and strength and recognize that it comes from God and that He has planted dreams within them that are waiting to emerge and it is my job to protect those spirits, protect those dreams, until one day they emerge from their cocoon to become the beautiful, exceptionally colored butterfly's that they're intended to be. Part of protecting them is knowing when to fight and knowing when to concede, especially in the world of IEP's and working within a flawed system. So, I conceded and as I type this, I hope and pray I did the right thing.

As for the other storms, yikes! I told James that I needed a no peek blog, one that I could really let out the demons in, but some things should not be seen in print and I am working on leaving several storms on my closet floor in the form of prayers and tears (yes Cassie I did go in my dirty closet:)). So for now, with the temperature dipping yet again and another storm on its way, I cling to the truth of Matthew 6:33 and look forward to the rainbows on the other side.

Yours truly,


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter B-Day!

The easter bunny came hopping along with eggs a many and little extras for the E chica! Since we all know how camera challenged I am, I have a link to E's first birthday photo shoot with Zoie! Have I mentioned how much we adore Zoie?

I did manage to Elmo it up and she HATED the cake...I mean HATED, so she had cantaloupe!! That is one thing we aren't re-introducing for a while (the cake that is)!

I actually had to remind myself several times that it was her birthday as we didn't meet until 3 short weeks later and I did think about celebrating a family day and maybe we still will. I'm not gonna lie, my emotions ran high, but it was such a busy weekend I had very little time to just sit in the fact of who she is and where the year has gone. I did say several prayers for her birthmom that day that she have no regrets and be comforted. I feel for her a sadness that knocks me to the core and washes over me in unexpected moments like when E puts her head on my shoulder and I say I love you and she looks at me and knows I mean it. I still wonder why I am so lucky, but then the teething cries startle me back to the reality of raising little ones. So very blessed....

Here's some highlights of what she's got happenin'....
*Stands alone
*Mastered the stairs..both up and down (granted there's only 2, but she's got em!)
*Walks holding on to things or people
*LOVES Gymboree music class and dances to anything with a beat...with her whole body
*5 teeth...we both worked hard for those!
*Still hates the nursery
*might have a Chik Fil A addiction
*wants everything her sisters have
*Is officially the smallest baby I've held...19 pounds at her 1 that to kid#1 at 32 back is grateful!
*Says mama, dada, gumball (dogs name), dog, duck, baby
*LOVES to turn pages in a book, especially if they have ducks in them!!
*Signs more, all done, kiss, thank you, and of course eat!
*Is seriously a joy to all of us, makes me laugh when she follows me around the house growling like a bear (thanks Rory for teaching her that one!).

This year is a year of walking this 3rd kid thing. She's no longer a baby, she looks toddlerish now. The temper tantrums are starting, the demands are getting greater, and she is no longer a guest here...she's one of the girls which is proven each time she pulls their hair and they yelp and she laughs hysterically! One of the very blessed...happy first E!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 months-REALLY?

So, ok, its been 2 months since my last extremely indulgent post and it has been a whirlwind!! Seriously, 2 months??

We saw Celine Dion in concert (thanks to a comp from some volunteer work I did:))! We weren't too excited, but then once we got there, man can she rock! Good times...

I think heading off to Vegas in February put me in my head as my yearly trip allowed me to party like an "I have 3 kids at home" rockstar and come home to enjoy yet more snow...

March brought a visit from great friends for a ski trip and it was awesome to see the older girls on skis again and we are looking forward to that continuing next year, but are more looking forward to it melting:)

Kiddo #1 had her first Hip Hop competition that was more fun than expected and she looked the part to a tee! E danced through the whole thing in her stroller and since she is walking with help now, she likes to boogy down like the rest of us!

April fools day came with pranks galore! My shampoo got stolen from my shower and kid #1 put Vixie the snail (who we can NOT believe is still alive) on kid #2's toy for her to find with screaming delight! We were off and running and I even got one over on James, it was a little naughty, but worth the stomach muscle cramps from laughing!

My good friend had a baby girl, that I knew I should of placed bets on the sex and because we had a 2 week solid round of stomach flu, I missed the whole thing and am hoping to see her E soon:)

That brings me to these past couple weeks....aaarrrggghhh!!! They can be summed up in IEP's suck, I can't believe the baby's turning one, and why are my jeans getting tighter?!?!

So, with no Elmo cake or wrapping paper purchased, no plans for Easter dinner on the horizon, phone calls to previous professionals that have worked with autism and us before, shedding dogs, Sangria Sundays (thanks girls), and 8am photo shoots with Zoie it was no wonder that I was drooling on my pillow before 10am this morning...yes, I did go back to bed! AND I am seriously wondering how I ever left the house with 2 infants. Between the 2 naps, 40 minute mealtimes with 4 teeth, and poopy diapers everytime its time to leave it makes the bucking squeal of the car seat a welcomed reprieve...good times:)

Hopefully I'll be able to post some E birthday pix and we'll be able to play one of two games depending on if I can make it to the store, count the number of Elmo's or where's Elmo??

Happy Spring!