Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bye-Bye 2nd & 3rd grade!!!

This post is a bit behind, but since the sun is finally shining and summer is getting upon us I want to make sure we have recollections of the last school year!
This was our family's first experience in a brand new charter school, Providence Hall in Herriman, Ut (the girls told me to be sure to put the state so we remembered where we live:).
With the charter school experience came uniforms and the IB curriculum. This year was a pivotal year for both, but C especially, who flourished under the direction of Miss Collett! R experienced an attachment to Miss Bevans and a profound sadness at the end of the year that only a Little Mermaid summer acting camp could counter!
The following are some highlights....
Favorite school project: Tree Art & Plays
Favorite subjects:
C-Writing, Math, Art
Least favorite activity/subject: Centers because they're boring...
Favorite pals:
C-Megan & Mary
R-Laura & Abby
New things they tried:
R-Ears Pierced!
Things they liked to eat this year:
C-bananas & pizza
Favorite activity:
C-Ice Cream Party
One thing they both are looking forward to this summer-Camp Wilson!!!
8 more weeks and we'll be experiencing the joys of 3rd & 4th grades!

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